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Complete Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services


With a focus on the finest quality services and customer satisfaction, we offer complete residential and commercial cleaning services, providing time for our clients to focus on other priorities.

We are a customer-oriented company of professional cleaners with a passion for serving our clients that has been handed down to us through the generations:

  • Residential house cleaning – we’re your one-stop source
  • Commercial and janitorial cleaning – business offices, medical buildings, salons and more
  • Move in/out cleaning – residential, commercial, or turnover
  • Construction clean-up – residential, commercial or retail
  • Restaurant & bar – One-time deep clean or customized recurring
  • Chimney sweeping
  • Carpet cleaning – top-of-the-line service with Rotovac equipment
  • Window cleaning – exterior or interior, hard-to-reach windows, screens, window tracks
  • Dryer vent cleaning – frequently overlooked, but an extremely important safety issue

As professional cleaners, we are committed to providing high-quality, dependable and cost-effective services for all of our clients in a professional and timely manner.

Call J’s Complete Cleaning Service and let us put together a suite of services for you along with a price quotation.

Family Owned and Operating Cleaning Company


We are extremely proud of our family-owned and operated company – dedicated to service excellence, and driven by the inspiration and influence of generations of skills handed down.

As professional cleaners, we are committed to providing the highest quality and environmentally responsible solutions for residential and commercial customers. 

To ensure an exceptional customer service experience for our clients, we:

  • Provide rigorous training for our entire maintenance staff
  • Subject employees to background checks and drug screenings
  • Groom our staff to provide courteous, professional and discreet service
  • Never compromise quality for time
  • Check staff services regularly by our Director of Operations

Our cleaning company has a reputation for exceptional customer service, dependability, an outstanding work ethic, and competitive pricing.

Call for our professional cleaners to keep your home or business in pristine condition.  Large or small, we’ll get the job done for you!

Licensed, Bonded and Insured Professional Cleaners


For your protection and peace of mind, it is important that your cleaning company is licensed, that it has liability insurance and a bond to cover such things as damage or theft.

These are a few reasons why we, as professional cleaners, are properly licensed, bonded and insured:

  • To help you avoid the risk of a lawsuit if our employee falls or is injured
  • Your insurance may not cover lost, damaged or stolen property
  • Our current license is effective and allows us to work within your area

When you hire us for commercial or house cleaning services you are assured that all of those issues are covered by us; i.e., being licensed means that we have a current business license to work within your area; and, a bond protects you from criminal acts that may occur when our employees come into your home or place of business to clean; and, our insurance protects you if our employees are injured or cause an accident while on your property.

Call J’s Complete Cleaning Service to request an estimate for your cleaning needs.  253-590-3491